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    I keep reading people saying that WebOS is hard coded to the current processors so would cause problems if someone like Samsung bought it. Has anyone got any info on this? Surely as the OS runs on linux it would just require a kernel recompile?
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    Considering webOS devices have used a mix of TI OMAP and Qualcomm chips, (and the Pixi even used ARMv6 instructions as opposed to ARMv7), I just don't see how that could be the case myself.
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    If anything, it's the drivers for the chipsets used. The emulator in the SDK runs on an x86 virtual machine, so it's definitely not tied to a specific CPU.
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    Even if its true, HTC is pure Qualcomm for ages. If anybody wanted webOS, they have probably lost interest after all this time and especially black Thursday.
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    Yeah, I think that was just the execs talking about stuff they don't know about.
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    Video card will be different, and the radio will be different.

    Sure you can compile the codes --- they are all ARM processors --- but optimizing the codes takes time. That's why things like Honeycomb tablets only initially worked with nvidia tegra 2 chips and why Windows Mobile only initially worked for Qualcomm. Blackberry 7 handsets were late because they switched from Marvell to Qualcomm.

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