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    Me thinking positive

    By now all of us have digested the recent 'devastating' news in one way or the other. Just as I felt webOS was finally going in a good direction. The announcement that HP made was shocking to me, if not the least. I can not imagine how this news came on to everybody at HP PALM / webOS GBU. I can not imagine how this news came on to the developers that spent a lot of their time in improving webOS, homebrew heroes and faithful devs. I can only imagine how it was for me; a devoted webOS user that believes in this OS and is happy to BE a part of this community.

    We all love(d) webOS
    Now, I've been on webOS from when it was announced. Jumped on the bandwagon as soon as the first GSM Pre- was out. Bought both the Pre 2 and the TouchPad as soon as they were available. Even the Pre 3 was on it's way to me already, but I canceled it. I'm still getting one though...

    Let me start by stating that I think giving up on webOS hardware is a stupid move by HP's CEO. Some may not agree with me here, and probably licensing is the way to go.

    Probably some other hardware manufacturers could do a better job than HP did. But one thing nobody can deny; the way this decision was made public, IS UTTERLY STUPID!

    Everybody saw HP's stock value dropping by over $12b in order to amputate (thx Rahul) their $1.2b investment.

    Like all of you I had a lot of hope over the last years. I kept faith in webOS because I believe it suits me the most. We've all heard the words 'coming months' more than often, but we still believe in it. When I heard yesterday's news, I started looking for an alternative mobile OS first thing. It's been keeping me thinking since, but I came to this conclusion: I want the elegance of iOS, and the power n flexibility of Android. I want another webOS. A bit of a dilemma here.

    Long (or short) live webOS
    Enough with the ranting, this was supposed to be positive. I still believe webOS is perfect for me, it just became a different perspective. Hereby some thoughts;

    - I spent 480 EUR ($670) on a 16Gb WiFi TouchPad. Like a lot of early adapters I feel betrayed. I will try to return that one, although I will have to do so in France.

    Then I will try and grab one for the $150. I still want the TouchPad, it works great for me. HP just doesn't deserve my money anymore, they gave up on the thing anyway.

    - For that same reason I canceled my Pre 3 order. I am betting on a price drop for the Pre 3 soon. Those things are manufactured already and will have to be sold anyway. But I'm not falling for the trick HP pulled; benefiting from the fans. Told you I'm getting that thing, just want to make sure I don't get fooled twice. Patience is key .

    - You guys in the US should expect HP selling it unlocked for cheap in the coming days too. The Pre 3's were made for AT&T, they got to be somewhere!

    - Who wouldn't want a TouchPad or a Pre 3 for 100$. Heck, maybe they even cut the Veer even more in price. It seems like a nice investment for a device that I could use for half a year, worst case scenario.

    - This price drop could result in a long awaited userbase growth! Take a look at the low priced TouchPad's flying of the shelves. Best Buy bought 200.000 of those things initially, right? Are we talking more than a million TouchPad's existing in stock worldwide? Nice userbase. Now how much Pre 3's are there been manufactured already?

    Let's say I bought a TouchPad and a Pre for a good price. I know I have some extra money to buy me some nice apps. Developers, are you hearing me? Don't quit on us yet! And don't pull any of your apps out of the catalog. It hurts us users, and cuts you from future profits!

    There could be some money coming in the next weeks! I know most of you weren't thinking of going to WP7 yet! _

    Since I spared myself a bit of money, it would be easier to donate to our great webosinternals crew, they will be there for us, as they always were. If you haven't done so yet, pause reading and visit this thread:

    Palm GBU
    I know you believe in webOS. You have done a great job for this community, from developer relations to improving webOS. Please continue to fight for webOS. It's a part of you as well, I know. And I hope you will get the chance to support webOS as been promised by HP execs.

    Get your **** together!! You said two weeks for more clarification. I know time was always an issue, so let's give you three weeks. Cut your losses, don't loose this fine community. It's maybe little to you, but it still gives webOS some worth! Don't flush webOS down the sink!
    Maybe you have a divine plan. Maybe going the Android way is the answer. Please feel free to tell and show!

    To sum it all up; I hate to see such a superior product fade away because HP wasn't bold enough. I hope everybody hangs in just a bit more until there's more clarity. What could go wrong? Worst case scenario, you own a low priced product that will do for at least half a year. It's still the best OS in the mobile field!
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    Actually it appears they already cut the Veer and Pre 2 to 50, and it's all sold out.
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    Ow, I didn't know that. Waiting for the Pre 3 cut still
    Or is it an utopia I'm living in?
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