Not that long ago i made a post about my first impressions of the HP touchpad , since i was a New webos user. and i still stand by those first impressions , However events in the last 32 hours have certainly changed how i feel about this amazing product i bring with me everywhere. I am going go over my thoughts and opinions , and i would love to see others input here to , may as well find a civil way to vent our frustrations and pent up rage .

So i learned of Leo whatshisname this morning and what he decided the immediate fate of the WebOs devices is. I think he is wrong. I hope that there is more sense in the executives and board of directors for HP than this clown making snap decisions that are going to cost hundreds and even thousands of people a fair chunk of money, and time. If i was one of the mid level executives that did not know , and had said a ton about the future of WebOs , i would feel like Leo just walked on my face and spit in my eye. I hope they show some anger and frustration at that internal executive meeting .

My take on Webos is bleak to say the least , but i do have a little hope. Here is what i think will happen. If HP can't license it out to any of the hardware manufacturers , then i see WebOs going into the archives as another of HPs LONG list of failed and given up programs. (god i hope not) . But i hope against hope , that there really isn't people as dumb as that making these decisions alone.

This decision is bringing some really interesting points about what is going on in the inner workings of HP. Yes we know they are splitting and for various reasons , and i simply can understand why a Large business will do this to survive . However , what i do not understand is when you as a PC manufacturing company KNOW that PCs are a declining market , why get out of the market that has the most potential? They did this in The camera industry , got in for a few years , then suddenly , inexplicably got out. Everyone liked HP cameras , they were simple and effective , yes there was alot of players in that market , but popularity was there. Again another time when they just gave up and tucked tail.

The PC market has been in the decline for sometime , yes as some the other retail employees out there will say , sales are up in PCs , yes they are , but prices are down , and profits are even furthur down. So whats this mean for tablets , cause lets face it , thats what we all are focusing on now. It means Tablets have to FIGHT for that little marketshare so that they be the big guys in town. Well all i have to say is , sorry guys but the big spot has been taken , by the biggest dog in town, Apple. I hate to say it , but they are it. its going to come down to two maybe 3 brands. and HP is not one of them

Ipad , All Android tablets(which have their own marketshare competitions to deal with) , and for the enterprise ...(shutter) The playbook by Blackberry.

Everyone else is destined to fail , UNLESS! they are willing to spend Millions and billions of dollars to make their product work.

Well i know this sounds like alot of rambling , and it sort of is, but it does set a small precedent about what we are really looking at.

HP's (really palms) WebOs was in my humble opinion the Simplest and easiest of all the OS's to use , and had the Most potential to become that next big option. However , as Derek on the front page pointed out quite well , Leo screwed us.

So what do we do now. We have a Device that is no longer made , we have a OS that unless someone has some interest in it will sadly roll over and die. We can hope that someone has had backdoor talks with HP about some licensing , or even purchase of WebOs , but again that means we won't see anything being done for a long time.

Well maybe some of the Precentral Community has the answers. What can we do with a piece of hardware , another OS ...... That would be a Start. I know someone has been working on Unbuntu , however , all due respect to those guys , not everyone knows how to operate Unbuntu . Android? Would be good for the tech savy guys out there. Windows 7 or 8 even..... Would be nice , this is something we as a community should discuss and those that can't return the touchpad will eventually be able to have a device with a different OS and actually be able to enjoy the device.

So i will close out for now , saying something very simple. We may have been kicked in the you know whats.... But we can still stand up and spit in HPs eye but taking this hardware and makeing it work for US!!