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    also as noted in another forum here

    Any sale of such a business means there is also a buyer. Hopefully. At this time, HP isn’t saying anything officially about a buyer, nor is any potential suitor. According to SemiAccurate’s sources, there is one and only one name being floated, Samsung. The sources would not say anything more, just that Samsung has been floating internally for weeks since a recent reorg. This sale wasn’t a snap decision, it has been in planning for a long time.

    On top of that, Samsung hired several key PC execs from HP in the recent past. While this isn’t definitive, it does point to interest by the Korean giant. The fact that HP’s PC and laptop business would nicely plug a gaping hole in the Samsung vertical monolith may be entirely coincidental, but it is worth thinking about. Insiders on both sides are not talking specifics, but the synergies are obvious

    Insiders say there is one company looking at the HP PC line | SemiAccurate

    seems like hopefully samsung is taking the helm in development for webos.
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    DeWitt speaks more clearly here (or Bloomberg editors cut out the gobblety ****)
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    HP lied for 16 months. Then they pulled the rug right out from under you guys. Why should anything they say today, tomorrow or the next day be believed?
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    This is infact a comment by one of the readers - I hope u enjoy it. something to laugh about after 2 sad days.
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    He reminds me of myself during my last year of college when i got really good at BSing my way thru those 10 page essays...
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Seemed pretty clear to me, HP is getting out of the building hardware business and staying in the more lucrative software side of the tech industry. Last time I checked, webOS is software.
    Last time I checked, software needed hardware to be useful.
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    This is confusing. Will they be getting a fully manufactured tablet from Microsoft or just be licensing the OS?
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