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    I'm disappointed by HP's decision to somewhat pull the plug on WebOS, but I can't say it surprised me in the least bit. WebOS had no chance as an HP proprietary device. They were caught in a catch-22. Without app support, they can not attract customers. Without customers, they can not sell devices and attract customers. There plan to just try to copy Apple was doomed to fail because technical superiority is not enough to supplant Apple legions of ravid fans. For nearly the same price, you can get the ipad with a vast library of applications or an Android platform, again with a vast library of resources. Or, you can buy a WebOS tablet (or phone) and suffer on the sidelines as your friends and colleagues continually add functionality to their products and you have nothing.

    How many times have you seen new, useful (sounding) apps come out only to realize that it's not available on WebOS (and likely never will be). Some of them may be small, but useful additional functionality such as Instapaper support and readers, some may just be fun and less useful and some are really extremely funcitonal.

    The bottom line is that without the app support, WebOS was only doomed to fall further and further behind. HP needed to find a way to build that out and they knew it. But, instead of trying to find those ways, they tried to hide the fact. Check out the website. They highlight a couple of key apps (Angry Birds, hahaha, really, a featured app!!!). But, you couldn't find a list of apps for the TouchPad or an online market place to do true research on the product. They had plans to make all of their PCs dual-boot with WebOS, which was interesting, but probably again unlikely to accomplish too much. You can't run WebOS on a desktop without a touchscreen. Same with a laptop. And, why would you want to run it on a desktop?

    They probably should have tried to open-souce it like Android or license it like Microsoft. They should have used some of their hundreds of millions of dollars spent on crappy marketing and provided financial incentives for the top XX thousand app developers on the ipad (maybe top 10,000 or so). How about a free TouchPad for any top 10,000 ipad developer that ports their app to the TouchPad. For the more complex apps, there could have been additional compensation and resources devoted to encouraging WebOS development. But, instead we got a boxer and a crazy brit promoting the product (who are the demographics they are going for). We got FLASH! Is that all WebOS can sell is flash. Come on. That marketing plan didn't work for Rimm's Playbook and it's not going to work for TouchPad. How much does Google spend on marketing Android?? How many commercials have you seen for it? Exactly, none!

    Anyway, this is way too long. I have a Palm Pre and like it. But, it is what it is. Which is basically, not much different than what it was when I bought it nearly two years ago. The app library seems stagnant to me. I love the interface and usability and I contemplated for quite a while about the TouchPad. But, in the end I decided TouchPad had no future and would be a waste of money as the app library wasn't going to be there.

    I'd like to see HP do something with WebOS because it could be a great operating system. I think they crushed any hope of getting a single vendor to license the technology when they essentially claimed it was dead. Besides, what single hardware vendor would want to take on Google and Apple with third-party licensed operating system. Come on, what a joke of a strategy. Just commit to developing it for 3-years. Commit to app developers and license the technology out.

    When Palm was dieing, I was hoping Google would by them and incorporate the technology into Android. My hope has returned. Albeit, slim hope, but one can dream. I think that would be a fantastic strategy for Google to give them additional IP and some great technology and user interface (which is sorely lacking in Android). To me, it feels like a perfect compliment. But, the longer HP doddles, the longer WebOS stays off the market, the less likely it has of ever seeing the light of day again.

    Cheers all.
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