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    Is it possible this was their plan all along?

    Remember when they first bought Palm. Everybody was suspicious that they were only in it for webOS and not the hardware. People were getting skiddish. They promised they were in it for the long haul. But really they only released hardware that was already in the pipe at Palm. There has been no truly HP original webOS hardware, has there?

    Is it possible they just went ahead and followed through with hardware already in process at Palm in order to satisfy us, with no plan to continue afterward? To appease us by stringing us along with occasional hardware releases until they can get them done, then stop hardware altogether so they can just have webOS?

    They always wanted webOS. Maybe they bought palm JUST FOR THAT, and the rest has all just been to appease us. Now they are done with that and will move forward with their own plan.

    Just something I have been thinking about for the last 24 hours.

    Anyway, at this point it doesn't matter what they do. Unless they sell it to someone else and are completely separated from webOS, I'll never buy another webOS product. Can't trust the owner.
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    I don't believe it. But there must have been a reason why all the good people left soon after the deal was finalised.

    And why is it so hard for a tech giant like HP to do research and deliver the best available hardware?

    Why couldn't they get a full office on the TP?

    I am glad I didn't finance a TP. I was waiting for the smaller one to get an idea how the improve the hardware...

    Limbo at HP...really.

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