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    Hi All,

    I know there's plenty of threads that this post could fit in, but considering the amount of time I've been on TreoCentral () compared to my amount of posts I hope you don't mind me venting and starting my grieving process.

    I've had a PalmOS or WebOS device in my pocket for over 10 years, from the Palm V through various Treos and now my Pre-. When HP bought Palm I was a little bit worried but I had belief that HP would give it a go and at least release some good products - they haven't even had a go. If the Veer was released in the UK I would have bought one, if the Pre 3 had been released more than a day before HP's announcement I would have bought that as well, I was even planning on buying a touchpad when I had a phone to go with it!

    I can only pray that HP pull something out of the bag to keep WebOS alive, even if that means selling it to someone else. Even with the close calls Palm has had over the years I always believed they'd keep going, Palm always had belief in their products even when others didn't, now though with the giant of HP fairly unconcerned about the small child in the corner I fear we may actually see the end.

    I'm going to feel strange without Palm device on me after so long and god knows what phone OS I'll opt for next. It feels like I've just broken up from a long term relationship, sitting here in fear of having to enter the OS dating market again. I'm sure I'll have some strange first dates but hopefully I'll find something I can settle on, still dreaming of the one that got away. At least IOS5 will have multitasking gestures, something that always impressed people when they saw my Pre... I mentioned to a friend I may even have to consider the iPhone - the sound he made was almost like something Scooby Doo would say!

    Anyway, dear fellow PreCentralers, it looks like my time here has almost come to an end, it's been emotional. I'd just like to say a final thank you to all those who have made considerable efforts in the Palm community to make it what it is, or sadly likely to be "was".


    - ironically sent from a HP laptop.
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    I'm with you haydn. My new iphone feels dirty haha
    I use my pre to show people my photography. (thats my job)
    Check out my photography here!
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    And the divorce was filed in Vegas, at a quickie drive-through window! Worse yet, we got stuck with the red-headed, freckle-faced stepchildren!
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    As a red-headed, freckle faced person, who has been on this forum since Precentral, I'm almost offended. But not really. funny phrase.

    what hp did was not funny.
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    Palm lost me with the Pre launch on Sprint only. I had been using PalmOS devices from the Palm V on. I still own a Treo and two Centros.

    I have to admit I wasn't happy with Palm's complete abandonment of all their non-Sprint PalmOS customers, their lack of support for PalmOS apps and their lack of any support for desktop sync. I wasn't too sure about their javascript based SDK either.

    With the Pre not an option due to the Sprint exclusive, I ended up switching to Blackberry which was and is the closest thing to a Treo still on the market. RIM is now looking like the next Palm of course. Palm screwed up the transition to WebOS, RIM isn't doing so well with its transition either.

    Palm should have had an unlocked GSM device available from launch day with at least enough 3G bands for the North America and Europe. They should also have shipped with the PalmOS emulator built in.
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    i feel your pain. i left webos to get the thunderbolt when it first came out. and other then apps, regretted it till yesterday. i was hoping hp would show off new products that i would be interested in. the pre3 interested me, but not as much as it could have. i was really looking forward to a lte equipped device, in the same form-factor as the pre3. and was just waiting to have the money to get the touchpad. im not a big fan pf android, but dont see where else to turn. im not a big fan of ios either. bbos sucks, so i guess i might try wp7 devices. but i still yearn for the ease and functionality of webos. about the best thing i can hope for is that some phone manufacturer buys or licenses our favorite os so that it does have a future.
    im just left wondering where this decision came from. up untill a couple of months ago, hp was talking of building developer relations, and that its in it for the long haul; now we get this. i have no idea what sense this move as a whole makes for hp. the spinning off of the pc side, completely devalues everything they could hope to achieve as a enterprise specific company. the dropping of webos hardware, and having os development on life support all but guarantees that webos dies a sudden, shocking and sickening death.
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    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.

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