What if they did treat it like a sprint instead of a marathon? They would have pushed hard and fast, coming out with a new device that divorced it from the Palm Pre form factor (they could have kept these, but add something new).

What if they marketed this like nobody's business and splashed big and lavishly? Their marketing efforts were not the worst (Palm's were the worst) but they were second to worst. Sure they marketed the TouchPad, but without the corresponding phone for TTS it wasn't going to sell to anyone as part of an "ecosystem".

What if they hired the webOS Internals crew and made them integral to app development? We've always known (whether everyone admitted it or not) it's about the apps. Without tons of apps webOS was doomed.

What if they tried to woo those people who had webOS devices in the past with a real "make things right" deal?

What if they worked closely with carriers around the world to make sure they had a viable market before they produced a single device?

What if they weren't jerks who threw in the towel after the second mile of the marathon?