Throughout history in general, and PDA and Smartphone history, in particular, there has been a group of radicals who have endeavored to update and change products beyond the manufacturer's scope, spec, or intentions:

A few cases in point:

1) The Apple Newton: the first, and according to some, still the best PDA ever made. It died before it ever got out of the shute, but was preserved for at least 10 years, by a subculture of fanatics who continued to write software for it, and perform hardware repairs, even manufacturing some of their own replacement parts. If they can do it, we can, and they had WAAAAYYYY less to work with than we do.

2) 3rd party apps and hacks: Both Palm and WinMo (but especially Palm) had people writing all sorts of hacks, apps and utilities for mobile devices.

3) Memory and processor upgrades: Before the days of SD cards, PDA's were released with fixed amounts of memory, often far less than experienced users felt they needed. So, individuals and companies started offering memory upgrades for your PDA. Some even offered processor upgrades. You send them your device, they upgrade it and send it back. Always, this voided the manufacturer's warranty. Sometimes these folks offered a 90 day to even a 1 years replacement warranty on the product and on their work. I had it done myself to my Palm V (we called it a Palm V8) and it was top notch.

4) LINUX on Palm and WinMo devices: Long before LINUX got prettied up, or anyone was really taking it seriously, programmers were wiping stock OS's off of Palm and WinMo devices, and installing custom LINUX OS's. Sometimes it was just to experiment, sometimes it was clean enough to use as a replacement OS and people proudly bragged that they were running LINUX on their devices.

5) WebOS devices: Almost since the Palm Pre hit the air, the WebOS Internals folks have been supporting, patching, and writing for this very cool but slightly glitchy OS, that, left alone, really wasn't much to speak of after only a couple of days of use. They made WebOS the most easily customizable OS in existence. And, I know SOME brief forays into installing it onto other devices were made. So...

Why not do ALL this for WebOS? As with LINUX, figure out which devices, on which carriers, can be tweaked to support a custom WebOS ROM? Possibly even with a way to "Doctor" back to factory spec in case of emergency? Android folks do it with custom Android ROMs, why not WebOS?

Maybe some folks who have done custom repairs to their Pre's, can offer up their services for a fee?

I'm just saying, the knowledge, the skill, and the willingness to void warranties is out there. Why not just use it? I, for one, would be willing to support this.