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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    Oh yea? I wasn't aware that Nokia's CEO had announced he was planning to lop off a HUGE segment of their divisions to sell or spin-off...
    Lop off? Nope. Just kill outright with no hope of spinning off Maemo/Meego-Harmattan or Symbian. Going so far as to not even allow the already produced N9 to be sold outside of Finland and Eastern Europe.

    That's not even mentioning the assumed plans to reduce the entire company's stock price to the point where his old masters at Microsoft can buy Nokia outright and transform it into their hardware production wing.

    HP new CEO may be a jerk, but Elop is just evil.
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    Everything seems normal for me. When I hit update it started into the process.

    Plus we submitted 2 updates and one new app on the 16th, One update was released on the 17th and the the other one was yesterday. The new app is still ready for review.

    Also, it's not like they we would know in 1 day that they weren't allowing apps to be removed. You have to press a button that says "Request Suspension." Last time I requested suspension of an app, it took nearly a week before it was actually suspended.

    So, my point is if every dev went in yesterday ans requested suspension. I believe there would be no reason for anyone to suspect that their request would not be honored eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    It does over the air music identification. Like SoundHound / Shazam. I've been working on it for months, tweaking and optomizing it because the database of songs is still growing. It only has 100k songs but soon will have everything from 7 digital, so about 15 million songs I believe. I was worried about releasing it before the db was large enough because I don't want people to think it didn't work. But now, I don't really care.
    I hope you're for real and not just saying this for fun.

    If you're for real, please do publish that app. I don't know what developers would gain from pulling apps; the apps that are there can still be bought by people?

    I'm certainly going to buy your app if you ever release it. frankos72 at least seems not to have had any problems getting stuff into the catalog, but I understand he might have a special relationship to the man JC up in the cloud.
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    Locking down the app catalog, if HP has actually done so, is in my opinion an excellent idea. That is ofcourse as long as it is a short term, temporary freeze. It is the only way to prevent developers from acting in haste and in a knee jerk reaction. SPaz is an example of where the developers in a knee jerk reaction wanted to pull the app from the app catalog, but then after a while decided to hold off on it till there more clearity on the future of webOS.
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    I was gonna release the webOS version of that beer-pouring app, but since they locked down the app I guess you're all gonna be left wanting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post

    Release it! I will buy it.
    You won't have to buy it. It will be free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    +1 sale if it works on the Pre.
    it does, its all Mojo right now. I started the Enyo version, but I'll probably release it then finish the Enyo version later. It scales up to to size cause I was planing on having to deal with the higher res screen on the pre3.

    I'm stuck in Chicago for the next two weekends, but I hope to get it out there soon.
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