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    Not that this would ever happen, but if it did, I would officially like to submit my name to become the COO of this newly formed company. I don't have a lot of experience, but I have a great high level mind as far as visualizing operations and how to get things done efficiently. I went to school for an engineering degree but I have the mind of a businessman so I understand both the technical and business side of operations, giving me a leg up on most execs you see today that are wholly focused on profits and fail to see the technical details involved in getting something done.

    There seems to be a disconnect between the two sides in most companies. Many executives fall in the trap of having to cut corners on the technical side to see a short term profit boost which seems to be the downfall of a lot of good companies which I believe I can avoid.
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    All webos developers should go in on this an get in contact with each other and find a way to buy webos and bring it to the direction that it is meant to. I know I will buy shares into this in a heart beat and many other webos lovers would as well. this needs to be done!!!

    I know this wont happen but it is fun to hope sometimes.
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