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    I am sure we can all agree here that Web OS is still the single best mobile operating system ever created. When it was introduced it was awesome, and even today on its death it is still awesome!

    The unfortunate thing when you look back was Web OS was matched with some of the worst hardware ever created, and the absolute worst marketing strategies I have ever seen in all of business.

    As someone who has been in the business and marketing world for over 20 years, I can honestly say with a straight face that Web OS was marketed the worst of any product I have ever seen.

    Palm screwed the pooch hardcore with their horrific adds and terrible hardware. The six month wait time was the death of the first generation of Web OS phones. Sorry but it is the truth. "Mom's anyone?"

    The fact though that HP spent $1 billion dollars for the product, and then turned around and did the same AND WORSE when comparing marketing strategies....It is mind boggling to even think what HP has done.

    The Pre 3 and Touchpad should NEVER have been announced back in February. Hell, they should have held all the products including the Veer for this fall, with an announcement TODAY. Instead we get an announcement of it's death.

    Bottom line I truly believe that when business marketing college textbooks are written in the near future, there will be a large section all about Web OS and how horribly both Palm and HP handled the OS.

    What a shame the greatest mobile OS we have known to date dies a tragic death that was unwarranted.
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    This is worse than Micrsoft Kin...
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    I've given up on webOS a while ago but I'm pretty sure the same people will keep using it even when it's next to malfunctioning.
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    What is more interesting is that even lay persons like me who know nuts about marketing and how to boost sales, seems to be more aware of how to attract and market webOS!
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    If you think about it, it makes sense.

    Palm went defunct because of its poor marketing strategies, poor hardware, and slow releases. They failed.

    So here comes HP, a company who has no presence in the smartphone industry but loads of cash, who buys Palm. So basically what you have now is a mixture of people who already failed and some noobs with cash.

    In other words, the blind leading the blind.
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    Pretty girl but have a bad fate... that's webOS...

    or this is the final destination of WebOS... RIP..

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