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    Should Samsung Buy webOS To Protect Itself From Apple? It Might Make Sense. Here’s Why [Opinion]

    By John Brownlee (2:48 pm, Aug. 18, 2011)

    Should Samsung Buy webOS To Protect Itself From Apple? It Might Make Sense. Here’s Why [Opinion] | Cult of Mac

    Samsung’s in trouble. The Korean electronics giant is being sued by Apple in just about every market for copying Apple’s iOS, iPhone and iPad designs… and Apple’s winning. Worse, Samsung’s biggest mobile partner, Google, just bought out one of their main smartphone competitors, Motorola, for $12.5 billion. Now that Google has an Android hardware team in-house, how much longer will third-party smartphone makers like Samsung be given equal access to the Android operating system?

    It’s a tight spot, and Samsung knows it’s in trouble. Samsung boss Lee Kun-Hee reacted to the news of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobiity by telling top managers on Monday to “boost software prowess, patent pools and talent,” as well as seek out opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. Samsung — probably correctly — thinks this will be a quicker way to boost the prowess of their own in-house mobile OS, Bada.
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    Interesting take on this situation...Personally i would buy a Samsung smartphone with webOS..
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    I hope a company with experience in the smartphone/tablet industry buys WebOs. I was very skeptical when a company like HP, whose presence was scarce at best, bought Palm. It may have even helped them a little bit if they just kept the "Palm" brand name for their tablets and smartphones.

    To HP, WebOS was just an experiment. A way they thought they could get their foot in the door of the smartphone industry. Now HP has pulled the plug realizing they are out of their realm of core competencies. Instead, they will stick to selling crappy printers and over priced ink cartridges.
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    Seems plausible for me now... but I don't think samsung will use webOS due sammy already the best Android manufacturer till now. LG or Sony or maybe HTC will attract to use WebOS to grab more market share.

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