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    Hi all,

    I doubt this eill EVER happen!

    Please see link.

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    HP Needs To Buy RIM Now Or Shut Down Palm
    Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry | Aug. 18, 2011, 5:24 AM | 4,225 | 19

    HP needs to buy RIM now or shut down Palm.

    HP Needs To Buy RIM Now Or Shut Down Palm

    The Palm platform, WebOS, is very good, but if no one uses it that's irrelevant. Its Touchpad tablet is a dud. Who knows when new WebOS phones are coming out.
    Mobile is a platform game, and in a platform game there is no middle ground between going big and going home. And Palm alone isn't cutting it.
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    Rim is doing just fine, Playbooks are selling (globally) and they definetly have the hardware thing down (top notch) QNX is coming along great, i wouldn't trade my playbook or bold for anything. Rim has a few problems but they seem to be on the right track to repair these. The new phones are smooth and fast with os7. and Qnx phone is right around the corner. Rim is going to hold their own, as for Webos? great os, hardware killed it. No one will want it now, two time loser, no one wants to go for strike three.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moegumby View Post
    No one will want it now, two time loser, no one wants to go for strike three.
    Thats my thoughts exactly.

    I love my frankenpre, it still does everything I need it to. I wanted to buy the 7" touchpad, but that will never see the light of day.

    Lets face it, unless some other manufacturer poneys up and puts out a significant bid for WebOS(Palm)- thats the only way you will see any other devices. Otherwise, HP will just shelf WebOS and eat the cost because they can.

    Purchasing Palm was a way for HP to get their foot in the door in the smartphone/tablet industry. But HP opened the door, didnt like what it saw, and quickly shut it again. Dont expect to see them making any other moves in this industry.
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    What HP touch it will DEAD (base on facts), if RIM bought by HP... it will dead too.

    Hmm... maybe HP is the Death Lord after all.

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