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    wait...wait for us to continue to leave people in the dark...waitOS
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    Chuq hasn't posted anything since that first one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdram View Post
    Chuq hasn't posted anything since that first one...
    More than likely he doesn't know anything and simply can't find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppeye View Post

    In response to a direct question about licensing to HTC or Samsung, HP VP Todd Bradley pointed out that to date webOS is designed to work on a single set of silicon Qualcomm and that many potential licensees would likely want to see webOS support other chipsets. He did not elaborate further on potential partners..
    and, yet, they claim it worked twice as fast on an ipad, which runs on a different set of silicon

    HP tested webOS on an iPad. It ran over twice as fast. - TNW Apple
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    im sorry to say but its really not even worth the wait. This is the nail in the coffin for webOS as we know it.

    Think about it, lets say samsung does come onboard in the next two weeks.... great... now where is the next product? yep, since HP decided to cancel all webos products for the foreseeable future, if everything goes super smooth without a hiccup, the best case scenario is another tablet in 9 months. at the earliest!

    Phones will almost be impossible to get certified now, so we cant even have the ecosystem we were so dying to have. Now if samsung is able to convince a carrier to release their webos phone, we are looking at anywhere from 12-18 months. now this is a best case scenario.

    Im really sad to say but webOS is dead.... the only thing we could pray for is to have the team be bought out, without palms patents though it would be very hard to get this deal to go through. and even then, all we could hope for is for palm engineers to have some sort of input whatever mobile os maybe out there...
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