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    I don't begrudge anyone's impatience with HP (or Palm, for that matter). The Veer and Touchpad got very soft launches. I'm not in that camp, but can sure see their viewpoint.

    That being said, if you just bought a Veer or a Touchpad, and are coming to P|C for info and advice, you'll see a lot of angry folks in these forums. In my experience, they're not angry with the build or OS or apps per se, just that they've seen other manufacturers churn out "best and brightest" products while HP is still trying to figure out how to enter the tablet/phone space.

    (To be sure, there are trolls who have long since bought an Android or iThing and love to hang around here, too.)

    The reason most of these webOS veterans are angry, imho, is that they love webOS, but it seems to be falling behind. They'll blame Jon Rubinstein, or HP's monolithic bulk, or its marketing team for the lackluster rollout of Veer, Touchpad, and the by now mythical Pre3. It's not because they think the OS sucks, or that the plan for a web-based connected device is a bad plan; it's the opposite. They can see the potential of webOS, and are irritated that HP hasn't produced a flagship product that proves them right.

    So, even though you'll read a lot of venom here, it's not directed at the OS or the vision. Just the implementation.

    For my part, I'm an old fart and have seen lots of tech come and go. I'm willing to be patient with HP, because I've seen a lot of premature obituaries for various devices or software, only to see them utterly dominate the market.

    You'll find similar venom in other online communities dedicated to various tech.

    Anyway, my advice as an old fart is to enjoy your device, learn how to enhance it with Internals and patches, and please continue to ask for tips. None of the webOS devices are locked down the way iOS and Android devices are, and there's a pretty lively dev community that doesn't rely on "Jail-breaking" or rooting to make your device work better.

    If you need a state-of-the-art device right now (gigapixel camera, petabyte storage, garage-door opening apps) then you made a poor choice. If you want a stable platform that can do most of what you bought it for, then hang around for a bit.
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    The more rage and anger that flies around here, the more "ugh HP sucks i'm leeving for android/iphone", the more support HP gets and the more failing HP gets... the easier it is for me to obtain a cheap awesome kick-*** WebOS phone secondhand.

    I can't wait untill the Pre3 comes out since the price of the Pre2 secondhand will drop like a rock. When HP does "decent enough" with the Pre3 and releases yet the next iteration, I'll gladly buy a Pre3 secondhand once the price again drops like a rock. I'll throw it on a cheap prepaid plan and use WiFi for everything I need it for and I'll be all happy like .

    I bought a Pre Plus (verizon) secondhand for like 40 bucks. Best 40 bucks I've sent, honestly; I love the phone to bits, no matter how dented or scratched up it is. I can't wait for the Pre2 to be the best 90 bucks I've spent and/or the Pre3 to be the best 150 bucks I've spent. I'll just throw them on Page Plus for occasional phone usage and enjoy the heck out of WebOS more than some dude who decides to toss it away for whatever reason to play "keep up". I'm a "new WebOS owner" and it's great.

    To be honest, you'll find hatred/spite for the sake of spite in any community based on a company/brand/set of products just as much as you'll find ridiculous loyalty and fanboyism. Take both with a grain of salt and focus on taking care of your own ideals. I'm sure most people would dislike my take on that manner - like some kind of dirty scavenger - but when everyone decides WebOS isn't for them for whatever reason, I'm the kind of person who gives WebOS the love it deserves afterwards in an almost ironic manner. I'm willing to wait.
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    Well said people...and there is a friendly neighbor forum next door at webosroundup for those that don't like the heat

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