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    I just got my palm pre 2 from UK (sourced to India). I have tested it and it is working great, even i can use 3G here

    It's running on OS 2.0.1. Now the question is should i upgrade to 2.1 ?

    Kindly let me know. I have already downloaded the doctor for 2.1
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    Absolutely upgrade to 2.1.0. 2.0.1 should never have been released on the Pre2. Check out the Pre2 Threads
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    2.1 seems snappier and from my experience uses less resources. I say go for it.
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    Yep, get the addition of exhibition if you have a touchstone! If you don't have a touchstone get one! Fairly cheap now a days.
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    Thanks a lot guys.. Already upgraded, but i still there are still some stability problem.. sometimes it stops responding and take a lil while to respond.

    And Yes i do have touchstone

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