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    Yesterday, I ran preware and downloaded the latest updae to Govnah and save/restore. Later in the day, my wifi toggle in the top bar literally disappeared and was replaced with a device and network toggle? Where is my wifi toggle? I used it everyday!!! Anybody have a clue?

    I have the System Menu Mods v1 installed, but I can't seem to figure out what happened.
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    it's an option in the advanced system menu. You need to add it back in.
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    If you cant find it, I would just uninstall the patch and re-install it.
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    Oh, if you have the advance patch installed like Cantaffordit says, tap and hold right at the very top until some options drop down. If your wifi toggle is hidden, unhide it. Also you can get to all these options still by bringing down the menu and tap and holding the battery percentage row.

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