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    I'm not AT ALL sure what happens. But i had my Pixi in my pocket and pulled it out to check the time. For some reason it was off.. So i Held the power button to turn it back on and PALM wasn't backwards just upside down.. when it got the main screen the color were inverted.. when i hit the bottom of the screen a ripple went off on the top of the screen.. Everything was opposite.. Anyone know why? I got it back to normal by just pressing, not holding, the power button into stand by then turning it back on.. it was completely fine...

    Anyone know what happened?
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    you shifted back from that alternate universe. (or sobered up).
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    was it especially hot? Almost sounds like a heat issue. I'd pull the battery and try again in a well airconditioned place.
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    I can't be sure but I do have a theory.

    Think carefully because this is really important: while you were having those issues, did Spock have a beard?
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    I know, i know.. it sounds like i'm making this up... but i'm not.. i will take a picture next time. Not a screen shot Or maybe even a video It's done it more then once. No one else has had this problem?
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    Sounds like something that used to happen to old Nextel flip phones when their video cables got jostled/otherwise messed up.
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    Don't worry, this fella is not crazy! In fact it has happened to me on a couple of occasions! Very weird, but just as you said, turning off the screen and turning it back on usually works and fixes it. But I did find a strange connection when this occurred. It always seemed to occur if I turned off my phone for a long time and then boot it up. Strange, but it doesn't seem too serious

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