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    Are you really unable to get out an update for webOS 2? Fixing all the little annoyances like, e.g. the messaging app? Are really unable to integrate touch to share and SMS forwarding in a reasonable timeframe? More than six months? Look what features, visible for users, and on API-level the fruit company builds _every_ year.

    If you want to compete, you should be aware that you obviously can't compete.

    Many have stated that you have the best mobile OS out there. I'd put it that way: You have the best _idea_ of a mobil OS out there!

    Then there is you customer and developer communication: What are your plans for your mobile phones? What timeframe do you have, if any at all? These days, you don't buy just a phone, you buy into an infrastructure! Your solutions seem to be rushed out me-too solutions. Want an example: Take HP Play. You come up with a themed and stripped down version of Songbird for managing your devices, throw it on the market and then don't release a steady stream of updates for it? My prediction: Another piece of software you will sooner or later lose interest in, because you never really wanted it to succeed.
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    on verizon, we are still waiting for 2.1

    I don't think you will see 2.2 for the Veer until the Pre3 is shipping. That's what they said at the Feb event.
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    yep, which is why when i leave sprint, it wont be to verizon. is the iphone is not getting all its updates
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