If HP is having trouble getting shelf space at carriers (what we are assuming with sprint) then they should just cut them in on a piece of the app store pie for the short term and hopefully it would trickle down to bonuses on the sales floor. They should just go to carrier billing for the app store and have sprint or Big V keep their cut up front. Now HP might be turning down sprint, but I do not think that is the case.

1. HP's App store profits will suck until people have phones.
2. People wont have phones if carriers don't carry phones.
3. Even if carriers carry phones it will be an uphill battle to get the sales people to sell them. (see numerous threads about any of the pre's, veer, or pixi)

Cut the carriers in on revenue that will encourage them and their sales force (through sales contests and bonuses from new revenue) to sell your product....then rule the world.


Change the damn name of webOS to Cards and drop the damn pre name already! (not going to happen, but it should have along time ago)