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    So I think I figured out my own emotions around WebOS and the TouchPad and the Pre2/3/whatever.

    I realized at Best Buy yesterday that while the TouchPad is slick - and the iPad is cool and the whole slew of tablet computers are sexy and all that - there is no way on Earth I'm willing to shell out nearly twice the cash for a keyboard-less, phone-derived operating system computer when I can get a laptop (or netbook if they even still make them) for less with much greater utility, as-large or larger screens, and real keyboards. In the case of a netbook, the weight difference isn't extreme, and when the lid is closed there's real protection for your toy...

    So I finally know that I don't care at all about tablets. So for me, the Operating System is all about the phone.

    I love my Pre2. But even in browsing PreCentral these days the TouchPad is getting all the press and the interest in phones seems to be waning. Some people don't seem to believe HP will be delivering new phones at all...

    So I'm in a quandary. My Pre2 isn't very old and I love WebOS and all - but is it a dead end? I've been given a near-new Droid Incredible that I can, at my option, sell or activate...would learning and adapting to Android be the smart choice at this point while I have the device available to me? I don't thing I never thought would be important to me was lots of apps...but I don't see the WebOS catalog expanding very quickly. Will silly games like Words With Friends hit WebOS? All those little doo-dads that entertain my friends aren't available to I care?

    This isn't a rant - I've been very vocal that I bought this phone for what it was at the time I bought it. Maybe my wants are changing, though. And if they are, maybe it's time for me to say good bye...

    Decisions, decisions...
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    Good question and I think everyone is doing the same things you are...trying to decide if HP really plans to make it happen or just dump phones entirely. Not sure really and I guess we'll all have to just wait and see, but I'm hopeful and thankful now that I've done the latest Clearing Swap RAM procedure on Pre- running webOS 2.1...I can last another day.

    Actually, thinking about Android phones and otherwise, I've used Android and I'll move over when I have no other choice and only if I get it for FREE and that means no money out of pocket and no contract either. I honestly see Android as a USELESS technology and their tablets are are even worse! Otherwise, I'll wait till the iPhone HD comes out in September and October maybe even the iPhone 4 finally makes it way to Sprint.

    Oh and by the way, this is if we never have another webOS phone. Sorry...I like webOS that much and from the amount of responses your getting on this...I guess I'm not alone. Sorli...
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    Make your decision based on what you need and want now, not on what might or might not happen down the road. No one knows how many or few webOS phones HP will release, so either the Pre2 is good enough for you right now, or it isn't.
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    I recently made the jump to Andriod from 10+ years of palm/HP phone phone history. Like a lot of people here, I was not willing to jump from Sprint for economic reasons. If the Pre3 was going to be released on Sprint (which it is not), I probably would have stayed. But like others have stated, there is no webos option for my network today so I had to move on. I hope webos does mature and gather momentum. I like the platform and think it is superior to anything else out there. Hopefully there will be more phone devices and better application support the next time I upgrade my phone...
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    To go slightly offtopic, you probably won't be all that happy with a laptop cheaper than $500 unless you only use it for web browsing, document editing, and maybe watching DVDs.
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    In the end, it's just an operating system. Nothing about OS A is really any fundamentally better than OS B and vice versa.
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    I was in the same situation my pre plus was not meeting my needs and I was able to get my hands on a droid x. While its no longer the flagship phone its still a pretty good phone. It was even updated with gingerbread. To my delight my wife decided to surprise me with a TouchPad, so now I have the best of both worlds, anyways my point is don't feel bad do what you think is best for you. Android is a capable mobile OS just remember the multitasking kind of sucks! LoL!

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