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    So I was looking trough some of the opensource parts of webOS and noticed in the 3.0.2 feed there haven't been many changes in the last year for webkit/webcore! (patch wise)
    This coupled with with poor javascriipt benchmarks and generally poorish rendering of some html/css has me a touch worried.

    WebOS is so heavily reliant on javascript/html/css rendering that it seems unthinkable that that the webkit/webcore components have been ignored. I hope I'm just missing something and these parts are actively being updated and kept current with their kin on other systems.

    Also does any know if the webkit/webcore parts of webOs can be built from source (and after updating to latest version and doing lots of code testing, etc) and snapped back in to webOs proper. Would be a fun little project to undertake!
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    (first post ever)

    I'm also deeply concerned with the poor quality of the browser in the webOS (on the pre2 2.1) especially because that is the core business / the differentiator of the operating system. I'm really hoping they address is it very soon and build an A-grade mobile browser like on iOS devices. I'm not asking to make a clone device or comparing against the iPhone, but a good browser is essential! Mobile webapps are becoming increasingly important in the mobile business globosphear and the webOS could be a key player.
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    I know that a few sites I frequent that didn't use to work do load properly after the 3.0.2 update. They didn't fix everything yesterday but I'm glad to see that they're working on it and we'll see more to come.

    Would have been nice if the browser were better from the get-go, of course, but I'm glad to see improved functionality.
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    Webcore is not v8

    Webkit=webcore + javascriptcore

    V8 is javascript engine by Google.

    WebOS is hybrid of webkit and v8.

    Development takes time, its not surprising if the codes taken from webkit and v8 is several monthto a year late. Its not copy and paste, it takes much more time.

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