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    I love my touchpad but my wife has an Ipad too.

    I use my itunes for her ipad sync. I don't even put music in there! Just use it for managing her pictures and updates.

    Now I want my Beats audio laden touchpad to have music! I have downloaded HP play and I was wondering if now that I have this, do I need to manage my music on HP play now or when I manage my music in iTunes, HP play still updates automatically?
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    I have been trying to use this HP play software but sometimes it quits and gives this error (pls see attached)

    Also if it does not quit, it hangs on "mounting device"


    I ended up resorting to doubletwist to sync my music on my touchpad.
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    I feel like DoubleTwist pairs with iTunes better than HP Play and it syncs MUCH smoother.
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    I'm having issues with both HP Play & Doubletwist...See my statement from a thread I started a few minutes ago...

    I started out syncing my music with HP Play; worked great the first time...then the 2nd time I plugged my TouchPad into my computer it just hangs on "Mounting Device". Usually ends up freezing HP Play and causes it to I gave up on that and tried doubletwist. Well all seemed well for doubletwist; I simply plugged in the TouchPad, it found it right away, and synced about 3 or 4 playlists to my TouchPad. After about an hour everything was sync'd.

    So I go into my TouchPad's music app and start browsing the songs...when I first click on my playlist it shows say "(474)" songs, then in about 2 seconds it drops down to say "(124)" songs and I'm missing a bunch from my playlists...I've tried restarting the TouchPad a few times; also resyncing but I can't get anywhere...this is really starting to upset me. I'm thinking of trying HP Play once more if I can't get doubletwist working. Anybody else having similar issues?
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    Don't seem to be able to find HP Play for the Mac any more.
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    Use Songbird Songbird - Welcome, it's a version of that anyway.

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    Cheers, I'll check it out. Have been using Double Twist over the beta of HP Play, but that seems to be very resource hungry.
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    Ok, gave up on HP Play Beta on Mac (buggy, duplicates, slooooowww), tried the iTunes/script solution (weird), had issues with names and DoubleTwist. The only thing that worked well for my was Missing Sync, by Mark/Space. The problem with Missing Sync is that the contacts/events don't sync well (so I now use Google), it is expensive, and is no longer supported.

    I see Mark/Space now has another product, that is supported, called goGadget (seems like Missing Sync, with the non-working features removed). There is an upgrade discount, so fools like me who paid full price can upgrade. Cool.

    I clicked the link on my phone, began the checkout process, decided instead to do it on the computer, and the link no longer works! It thinks I've already upgraded (though their billing system surely can see that isn't the case).

    Damn it.
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