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    Based upon the constant history of lag, non-responsiveness of touches, lack of optimization, etc. HP has gotta figure out a way to lure some of the top engineers away from these other platforms that are running butterly smooth.

    I think this has been one of the biggest challenges for us webOS users attempt to introduce others to the OS and to really get excited beyond just stated webOS has potential if it is optimized properly to run like say, iOS.

    As someone who is NOT a tech geek, I just dont understand why the engineers cant get this right.....have they not ever used other devices to see this difference? Thoughts
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    its a rushed product. So instead of taking the time to clean up the code, they add fixes. So small things here and there end up getting fixed at the expense overall smoothness and stability.....
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    im just wondering if webos is intrinsically slow because the technology it used is not communicating with hardwares directly.

    if yes, then no engineer can change the situation, and webos will always require better hardware to achieve average performance. i hope they change this, if it is indeed the case.
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    I wish someone knew what the answer might be, i am inclined to think you are correct clevin....the software maybe require more than the average speced out hardware inorder to appear butterly smooth along with maxed out optimization.

    whatever the answer, I just want it to happen really soon.
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    I got my TouchPad today (about 3 hours of use) & so far, have been lucky I guess. I don't notice any real or significant lag, it has been very responsive to my touches--love the keyboard. Loaded easily, synced my apps, mail, contacts, etc. I downloaded about 7 apps--very quickly. Love the e-mail app & panels it uses.

    I haven't even gone to preware yet to adjust the logging. Kind of weird to see some apps in the small card view vs full screen of the TouchPad, but was expecting that.

    I have a long way to go, but am very happy so far. Can't wait for the update.
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    not sure what it is but it is definitely laggy. gpu should be pushing the visuals i guess it is not. however it has been said that that is coming. enyo apps were supposed to fix this problem but i dont know. app developers have not really said anything about the os or app development to at least give us a glimpse on whats going on
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    The problem, as far as I understand it, is a combination of three facts.

    One, webOS is intrinsically meant to do more at the same time, and a TouchPad with seven cards open is constantly doing more work than an iPad where only one app is really running although there may be a few background processes. This is not a bug, it's a feature (but if you push any computer hard, you'll get hiccups).

    Two, webOS prioritizes tasks differently from other platforms. iOS puts the top priority to graphics so that scrolling is always smooth. In webOS, the graphics thread may be pushed down, in which case you get stuttering or downright lag. I have no idea whether they couldn't change that and prioritize the GPU thread somehow, but this is something that might make the platform more attractive (and otherwise make some critics shut up). This they should change.

    Three, webOS code is generally not pre-compiled. On one hand, this can make some stuff a bit slower. On the other hand, this allows you to go into the filesystem, exchange a few files, change how the whole thing works, put it on Preware and call it a patch instead of having to hook your device up to a computer and completely reinstall the entire OS and call it ROM cooking. This is a trade-off.
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    Heh, "it's not a bug, it's a feature". The mantra of software engineers everywhere...

    It really didn't help that webOS lost a lot of great talent when HP took over. Look at the guy who designed Honeycomb. His talent is being wasted on an OS that has gone nowhere on all the tablets on which it has launched. Had he stayed with HP the Touchpad might have been a different story for the better.

    And that's just the big name talent that is visible. Who knows how much more talent they lost that is not visible. And it will be a real challenge to lure people away from accepting the "sexy" jobs at Google and Apple. HP is not "cool like Apple" yet, like Leo hopes it will be.

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