I'm using an original Pre with Sprint - so still running v1.4.5. I just read about some features that are coming in Windows Phone Mango and wondering if it's known whether those are / will be available in newer versions of WebOS, or if not built-in at least through an app or patch. Specifically... (copy & pasting from the Engadget Mango review)

  • Email conversations are now grouped together into one continuous thread
  • Messaging threads have integrated SMS, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger... (the current FB chat patch via Google Chat, while better than nothing, is < ideal)
  • Bing Vision is Mango's built-in QR, barcode and tag reader; in other words, it's Google Goggles on Bing
  • Bing music search is a lot like Shazam or SoundHound
  • Bing Vision can scan text and translate it into several other languages for you (like Babelshot on iPhone?)