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    Does anybody know if the webOS implementations on platforms other than the Palm Pre (tablet, etc.) support applications that have PDK plug-ins?

    Can I expect an app that runs on the Palm Pre 1.x (that uses a C plug-in) to run on a webOS 3 tablet?

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    I have a friend who just bought a 3.0 webOS tablet and he says it runs my app (including a plug-in) just fine.
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    PDK apps that were originally designed for webOS 1.x should work on webOS 3.x or greater since the PDK wraps things and auto scales to larger proportioned devices like the TouchPad, future desktops, or otherwise.

    Not sure really how PDK apps will handle things when the screen scale changes from standard 4x3 to widescreen like we have on desktops and larger 16x9 mobile devices.

    Either way, it should be interesting and I'm also focusing my webOS development using PDK technology to offset future coding problems and allowing things to be easily forward and backwards compatible. Only problem with PDK relates to C programming...have alot of work to do when it comes to my C programming skills. Sorli...
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    My friend sent me a screen shot of my app running, and it looks almost like it's running in a Pre emulator or something, the screen shows what looks like a Pre in about real size (much
    smaller than the tablet screen) with my app on it looking very much like it would look like on the Pre.

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