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    Ok, I searched for this problem, and though i found similar things, nothing i came across was quite exactly what I'm, experiencing:

    VZW Pre+

    at some point, I'm not sure when, it seems that all the user created files and folders in my USB partition "disappeared". I only noticed it when i went to use the app "Fuel" and all my data was gone. in it's folder on the USB partition where it stores the db for the app was a blank db with that day as the creation date... I then looked (with Internalz Pro) at the rest of my USB partition and lo and behold all the non-standard folders and files i had put in/created on /media/internal were GONE. no trace of them, including the hidden folder for iTunes music sync support, and AmazonMP3 folder. I still have my downloads folder, and everything in it is still there, same with DCIM, intro video, etc... everything else is just gone...

    the odd thing is that in system info it tells me I have available space that is in line with the 8gb or so of music and other crap that was on /media/internal I just can't see it, and neither can any apps... (music player acts like there's no music on the phone...) nothing else shows up in Internalz when I try "show hidden" (aside from he usual hidden files) or when I connect the device via USB... when I get info on the USB drive connected to MacOSX it says Capacity: 14.34GB, Available 4.2GB which, as I said is in line with how much stuff SHOULD be there, but it's missing.

    I'm loath to use external file system checker utilities on the mounted USB partition, but it seems like I have a corrupted file table or something similar...

    I was thinking of trying to run F S C K on it, but the version on webOS seems to be gimped in some way and only warns me to unmount the file system or expect DOOM... can I unmount just /media/internal? or what other ideas does anyone have?
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