I have the HP Veer, but this also applies to the Pre and Pre Plus I used to have... the problem is this:

sometimes the audio for the phone will crap out and there will be no sound whatsoever, and every app that uses sound (pandora, youtube, ground effect pro) will malfunction...

youtube sits there loading the video (sometims just a green screen) play progress goes 0, 1, 2...1, 2... 1, 2... 1, 2... and never plays the video.

pandora will sit on the same song forever (like its playing) but no audio will come out, and it never changes song

ground effect pro will have a blank screen for 46 seconds after i open it (as if the phone's off) then it will start without audio

additionally, i cannot preview any ringtones... they play but it's silent.

I have to restart the phone quite often because of these issues... videos have always been a problem in webos, but this audio stuff i think is new to the Veer... it makes me really sad that each new version of webOS gets more buggy

oh, this is unrelated to the audio glitch, but if i use headphones during a call, the call ends, i unplug the (magnetic) headphones, it still thinks headphones are plugged in, so everything stays silent (even the ringer). the only way to get it to recognize that the headphones are unplugged is to unplug them during another call (which annoys my friends sometimes)

I don't expect anyone here to have a resolution, but I thought maybe someone would read it and forward it to someone at HP who cares... maybe others can add their own experiences, i dunno I just had to tell someone

Much respect,