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    and that's the reason why after 45 days using Android on a Droid 2 i'm back to my OC'd Pre Plus running webOS 2.1 : )
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    Great Read. I love hearing great things about webOS from an "outsider"

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Article contains very pointed truths about Android as well as Webos.
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    Cool article on about webos. In a nutshell, HP needs to release more webos phones and new users will buy them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadlion42 View Post
    and that's the reason why after 45 days using Android on a Droid 2 i'm back to my OC'd Pre Plus running webOS 2.1 : )
    I tried so hard to figure out how to get 2.1 on my Pre Plus, but it was so incredibly complicated. :'( I feel like a failure.

    Still, I love my Pre, and I think this guy really gave a great description of the webOS experience. What it lacks in apps and hardware it really makes up for in community mods and dedicated homebrewers.

    At the rate it's taking the Pre 3 to come out, I think it'll be just a few months old by the time I can upgrade. I'm pretty positive this is my next choice of phone, unless Google takes over my life entirely.
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    Interesting and curious what he thinks of the TouchPad. I think webOS is fantastic and I've been fighting with my Pre- for the last week and still came out smiling. My Pre must of had webOS corruption and I was forced to do a complete format and meta-rebuild and reinstall of 2.1 Thankfully for me, things are now MUCH Better and I have my phone back. Sorli...
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    I have to say that it was a nice read, and great to see fair, honest thoughts on it by on 'outsider'. Well written and I agree with sorli... It will be cool to read his thoughts on the TouchPad.
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    Overall, a nice write-up from someone comparing Android to webOS. Overall it has some good kudos for webOS.

    60 days in WebOS land: an Android users perspective
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    Great article, thanks!
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    This is about webos generally, author only used phones.

    The article is also discussed in the webos board, this should be merged with that one.

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    Great webOS review!
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    I enjoyed reading that article. I think he did a fair comparison between android and webos and hope to see that user on these forums soon while loving his new webos devices

    perhaps HP should scrap the pre 3 now and bring to the table a whole new device
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjb86 View Post

    perhaps HP should scrap the pre 3 now and bring to the table a whole new device
    Oh, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Oh, no.

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    well its just mad old now. If they keep the 'pre3' they should just really upgrade it to the max then
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    I always have enjoyed reading android's community perspective. This was a very balanced review and hopefully, if HP delivers with the Pre3, we can see a flock of android users to webOS.

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    Webos does have the best community.I loved the pre and webos since I seen it at CES 2009 although I wasn't able to get a pre until Nov 2009.I like this part of the article.

    "The hacker/modder community for Android is the definition of fragmented. Team this is at war with Team that. Team so and so stole code from Team those guys and didn’t give credit. Collaboration is almost non-existent and the result is sheer chaos. If you’re not a “techie”, you shouldn’t bother rooting your phone or trying your hand at modding your Android phone. For all of their chaos, however, some really great things have come out of that community. The WebOS modder community is much smaller, and yet I feel like they’ve accomplished more in many aspects. *For starters, they are organized in a near militant fashion. Instead of half a dozen different forums with information and developer scattered about, there’s an app you download to your phone. The app is a step by step manual for downloading and using the tools necessary to start playing with your phone. Within minutes I was cruising an alternative market with apps that were either not vetted for the regular store or developer friendly tools and themes for the phone.

    This alternative market tapped a nerdy side of me as well because it functioned much like a Linux repository would function, and there was a desktop-side client for installing apps if you were sitting at your computer. The PreWare Homebrew store is just the tip of a very impressive iceberg. Battery management tools, processor clock management, modified kernels, and so much more are available. The Pre Plus was not included in the last update to the latest version of WebOS, but the hombrew guys fixed that quickly, and paired with a clock speed bump it runs really well. *It’s true that there are far fewer WebOS devices, but when you compare just the size of the communities and the quality of the work being generated by these developers, the decrease in signal to noise in the WebOS world shows a clear desire to keep the platform alive."

    This is one of the many reason why we are the best community of them all,and I hope we stay united and keep this family growing.-WebOS is the best-
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