Ok so I have a sprint pre its cracked and hanging in there. I decided to find a cheap pre plus to do the frankin-pre thing. I found one on ebay for 47 dollars shipped but the camera doesn't work. I'll be swapping that out. I curently have webos 2.1 on my pre- love and hate it (cause of lag and slowdowns do to ram). But don't want to go back to I want to buy a touchpad and to be honest I dont need it at all. I sell cars for honda and i could use it but I really don't need. I'm going to get one anyway, a wifi one. I was really hoping the pre 3 was coming to sprint but I have pretty much givin up on that. I would love to have a phone that works with my touchpad, when i get one, so jumpin the sprint ship is looking brighter and brighter. Untill then i'm going to try the pre plus thing. Webos has been a blast and i'm want to be apart of this ride. Sprint is great when it comes to price but i want to enjoy what i'm using. I hate being told what I can and can't use. So sprint f u man!

So what are some of you other sprint guys plans. I bet we see a spike in pre pluses and pre 2 sales on ebay in a month or two.