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    I still own a Palm Pre minus with v1.45.
    Will there be an OTA update to a newer version?
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    I recently (yesterday?) received notification on my Pre Plus that there is an update to available. I haven't updated though, as I need the most basic spec to ensure development compatibility for my apps.

    I presume that's the latest update, as I've never had the update symbol appear since owning my Pre Plus (month or so now). I've had them (2.X) on my Pre2 though.
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    No for ANY carrier. If you want something more than 1.4.5 you have 2 options:
    1. get a 2.x compatible phone. (Pre 2, HP Veer)
    2. Meta-Doctor.
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    but you can run a create a metadoctor to update it from a linux pc.
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