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    Whats going on WebOs family, I'm new to the pre central forum and wanted to throw out a hypothetical question to everyone on this forum. I am personally a big fan of WebOS back when palm announced it in 2009. I think Hp is positioning themselves very well for the future, and I'm not sure why people haven't talked about hp's future development of the new window 8 products (computers, laptops, tablets, and cellphones) along with WebOs in the coming future. I'm not a big window fan ( I own a Mac) but I think it would be great for Web Os if they are able to get some dedicated full feature windows app built for them. Can you imagine listening to your ZUNE player on your Web Os tablet through beats audio! or have a webOs version of a full feature MS office suite. And what if (hp's) window 8 product are able to communicate with Web Os product through touch to share, synergy etc.

    So I want to know what you guys think the future will be for web os and win8 next year? How will they coexist on Hp lineup? Will it be something special that will make apple fan boys/gals shiver?
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    If we get anything from Microsoft for WebOS let's pray it's a version of office...
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    If they can get MS to make a full featured app of their office suite that would take advantage of webos synergy. Thats what webos is missing right now power productive app's that are clean and beautiful to use. I think MS would be the that company to entices dev's to make app for them.

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