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    I've been having an issue with my contacts (any changes) not syncing from the device to Google ever since upgrading to the Pre 2. My calendar sync is very screwy, too, but it works sometimes at least.

    Last night I noticed a very strange error message in Lumberjack that I don't recall seeing before:

    [2011-07-12 01:20:58] (alm.service.contacts.linker.jsjsjs) $user$.$err$: [$com$.$palm$.$service$.$contacts$.$linker$] *****$contacts$.$plugin$.$messaging$ $BIG$ $HACK$! $Old$ $and$ $New$ $person$ $are$ $same$, $maybe$ $this$ $is$ $an$ $AddPerson$

    Any ideas on this one?

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    Sounds like you're having an issue with one account being counted as 2 or something...

    If you look at some Palm apps and some examples, a lot of them have strange annotations and comments.

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