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    This morning I tried opening my web browser (I was out of WiFi range) and it came up with an error that there was no internet connection. Several of my apps (including help) had the same message. Never had that happen before. I looked and can not find it, is there a way to turn data on and/or off on my Pre2 running 2.0.1 <Verizon> so I can check it?

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    In the phone app (of all places) under preferences, select network services. It should be in there. Now Im not sure if this is an advanced preference or not so let me know if that is there for you.
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    Thanks, that was it. Somehow my data was turned off. Strange. Precentral is great.

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    Glad it worked. If you are into patching, get the patch that puts the data toggle in the device menu on the home screen. Its pretty useful.
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    I doctored my vzw preplus to 2.1 and all was well for a while, until I recently began to have random glitches similar to this. my data would toggle off but the radio would work or even sometimes both would go off and couldn't be turned on again without a restart or the entire os would freeze. At first it was perhaps once a week, over two weeks, then suddenly it was multiple times a day. I had several patches, am not a noob, and was in the process of removing patches, etc. to see if a patch was causing the erratic behavior, when my pre went into permanent paper-weight mode. The exhibited symptoms were, no radio, would not toggle regardless of restart and any app opened would freeze during the opening sequence and never fully open, plus the entire device would freeze and remain that way for any length of time until a batt-pull to restart. The longest I waited for my pre to recover was 2 hours in a frozen state. A lower version of the doctor will not connect to the device and following the webos internals 2.1 tutorial to the letter (with the single exception of turning off my palm profile, since i couldn't as a result of the crash) only results in a spinning wheel, I'm assuming during the first-run wizard after the doctor completes and the device reboots. Although I haven't totally given up hope, I am, however, becoming more and more certain that my device is cooked. This prolly isn't the appropriate place to have posted but since this thread topic was one of the items I was experiencing as well, i gave it a shot. Any help, suggestions or fingers pointing in the right direction will certainly be appreciated Not having a device, mid-contract has presented quite a problem. Cheers
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    I am thinking of getting an AT&T Veer (& unlock it of course) to use when I travel to Europe. I have numerous places to hookup to WiFi & I simply don't want to pay European Data rates.

    Can I actively turn off carrier data and force it to WiFi only? I understand the drawbacks - just let me ride on this one.

    I've been using a Pixi+ as a WiFi only device for some months now & love it. I was thinking that getting a Veer to use as a Wifi device + phone would be a really nice solution.

    Now if I could only get my google voice number to forward to my Italian number ....

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