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    So, I can't imagine life without webOS. I love the open platform, the ahead-of-its-time UI, seriously everything. I mean, i could do without the lag sometimes, but oh well. The easiness of overclocking, or installing 2.1.0 on my pre, it's something I'm going to miss. My pre is getting old, and it looks like I'm going to have to jump ship to another OS.

    Well, I need one that I can multitask on, and do so easily. App switching easiness is a priority. I don't know a great deal about the other OSs, so can anyone help me out?

    Windows Phone (with the mango update) seems like it would be the top choice.

    iOS5 is going to be pretty awesome, but I can't go from open webOS to walled garden iOS.

    And I know nothing about android.

    I'm sure there's a lot of people going to be in this boat, so what's the most enticing OS to switch to while we wait for the return of webOs on sprint?
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    You don't have to jump ship, and rmausser is coming out with a new *enhancement* that will make your Pre feel good as new again.

    If you're set on leaving, I'd say WP7.
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    get a frankenpre.
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    Yeah dude, you're forgetting about the Sprint Pre 2.

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    If you DO switch, look at the coverage of both Verizon and ATT where you are/will be. For me, that definitely points to Verizon, as ATT's coverage around here isn't that good. If ATT is better, go for it.

    For me, hope still springs eternal, so I'm sticking with my Pre- on Sprint until REAL info comes out. (Please be kind enough to snicker behind my back. Thanks)
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    If your Pre has to be replaced, like new Pre phones can be had on Craigslist for around $75. Even if you don't need to replace it yet, start looking and get one now and be ready. I figure there is enough supply out there to keep my family (5 of them) in Pre's for another year.

    I can't imagine Sprint NEVER carrying another webOS phone, so I am going to give this some time. Our Pre's are doing what we need, so there is no hurry for us.
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    Can you explain what you mean by:

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    ... and rmausser is coming out with a new *enhancement* that will make your Pre feel good as new again.
    I am interested in knowing whatever there is out there to make my Pre last a little while longer.

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    I got the evo 3d. I now take back everything bad ive said about android. Its really not as bad as webos users make it out to be. I literally can give a long list of things webos needs to borrow from android. Try it out. If you dont like it, return it after 29 days and reactivate your pre
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    @Jakeeeee +1 please explain this rmausser enhancement

    @ryebread6790 as people above stated there are other webOS options, but if none of those serve your purposes, I just got my gf an Incredible S, and it is a pretty nice phone. It looks like you've been around webOS for some time, and the learning curve on that phone is fairly steep.

    Takes a little bit to figure a few things out, but relatively easy to navigate around. Overall it's a pretty slick phone, nice screen, nice camera, nice mp3 player, keyboard isn't that hard to get used to. (And I've barely played around with it).

    As many have stated before, get the phone that suits you, that works for you, that doesn't stress you out. Android's come a long way since I was picking between it and webOS back in Jan '10.

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