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    Hey guys idk if any of you have seen this podcast
    sorry dont have enough post yet for links

    but I found it on youtube. Its basically a linux podcast but the guys on here really understand what webos is all about, and they were really positive about the Touchpad. I would love to see a webos developer go on a podcast with them and answer some of the things that they missed, but it was still a really good podcast :-)
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    Thanks for the reference, I will tomorrow, and would love more Linux community support. Sorli...

    UPDATE: I finally got through Youtube video and let me say....CHECK IT OUT!

    The link above and here: cranks into action about webOS 3.0 and the tablet after about 30mins and yes they have a bunch of good things to say and I think will become a huge advocate for the platform now and in the future.

    You can also checkout their Linux Action Show blog and post comments...they want to hear from TouchPad users who have webOS 3.0 running live since their demos were from the webOS 3.0 Emulator running on Linux.

    Thanks for the reference and link and be sure to checkout the video link above and see what you think. Sorli...
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