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    I saw a commercial with Dr. Dre in the new Chrysler 300 with Beats Audio. Now, I was just thinking how HP is thinking of licensing webOS to other manufacturers to establish an ecosystem.

    First of all, this will be a great opportunity for HP to get webOS on all the new Chrysler vehicles. Ford has the Microsoft Sync so they will not go that route. As many of you remember, Chrysler went bankrupt and Fiat came in and purchased them along with Chrysler being bailed out. This too reminds me of Palm being almost bankrupt and HP bailed them out by purchasing them. Without HP, or any other company to buy Palm, webOS would of been gone forever.

    Chrysler needs to reinvent itself and is an underdog, just like webOS. They can benefit from each other and develop an ecosystem that is unmatched in this industry. In fact, this would be the next step of interconnected devices. Turn on your car, webOS syncs your info, given that you signed in with your Palm (webOS) profile. Music everywhere, videos everywhere, pictures everywhere, e-mail everywhere and using a Pre 3 or any mobile hotspot to have access to the internet.

    The more I keep writing this the more ideas pop of in my head. Imagine Touch to Share on the radio for Maps, Directions or even switching while on a phone call on a webOS phone to the car or vice/versa.

    This is getting really interesting and I'm pretty sure everyone has plenty of ideas of how to integrate webOS into their everyday lives.
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    I'm in...can't imagine buying a Chrysler and I'm more of a GM/Toyota fan, but then you never know.

    Either way, I would love interfacing in cars, webOS head units, Beats audio capable, and the lists go on and on.

    Actually, right now I'd like a touchstone charger for my car and GPS Bluetooth Receiver drivers for webOS, so I can use my TouchPad interface for everything while traveling. Sorli...
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    I hope Chevy gets into it.
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    I hope Jags get webos to replace their current awful 'OS' but not Beats, cos' B&W is better. However, they may have to work with the 'dual view' system on the XJ and Range Rovers.
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    QNX locked up that market a long time ago. Ford is the only exception with their Microsoft offering.

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