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    The gist of this article is that Samsung may have to pay Microsoft $15 per Android device sold because the OS infringes on Microsoft's patents.

    If true, this could help explain why Samsung is investigating WebOS as an alternative to Android despite their success with Google's OS.

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    It's just plain old business. Samsung knows they can make great hardware for mobile devices and Palm/HP has an issue in that area right now. If HP can't deliver on better hardware for their mobile devices I can see them letting another manufacture have a crack @ it. If HP can get it's 'ecosystem' right with basic hardware it needs to run in that system WebOs will be licensed out.
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    Microsoft appears to be testing the legal waters as a desperation tactic.
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    I'm pretty sure they won't completely switch out of Android, even if they do take up webOS. It's too much market share to give up.
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    they are just looking to expand their bottom line . . . call it e-diversification. You'll see more talks of this over the next 18 months as OEMs formalize their relationships to go toe-to-toe with the fruitcompany. HP and Google have big friends in the business world and if they can overcome the superb marketing that the fruitcompany executes they can continue to chip away at market share.

    The question is "WHO" brings the next mobile revolutionary device? You know, the one after the iPhone/iPad. I submit WebOS is positioned well to be the operating system for it, but does HP have the vision to build that equipment?

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