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    I'm a huge fan of webOS, and I'd love to be using a webOS device. The only problem is I refuse to pay $70+/month for my service. I'm currently on an Optimus V (Android) with Virgin Mobile for $25/month.

    But the other day I was thinking... how could HP get webOS into the hands of more consumers? The postpaid carriers are flooded with Android devices, not to mention the popularity of the iPhone. That's pretty stiff competition for webOS, and a big uphill battle, especially with uneducated carrier reps. HP's best plan would be to find other means to get webOS devices into consumer hands. They are already doing this with their Veer give-aways and whatnot, but I thought of another great route...

    What if HP put webOS on prepaid carriers? Obviously, they wouldn't put their flagship phone (Pre 3) on one, but what about an older device... say the Pre 2? When the Pre 3 goes on sale, they can take what's left of their Pre 2's, rebrand them for Virgin/Boost/Cricket, and watch them fly off the racks (as long as they price them competitively.)

    I'm sure this isn't a new idea. And I know it'll probably never happen. But a man can dream, can't he? If the Pre 2 came to Virgin Mobile, I'd drop my Optimus V in a heartbeat and pick one up.
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    what if you are already on wfm prepaid? how do you upgrade from 1.4.2?
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    i agree i too am on virgin mobile its sprint just 30 dollars less for me. pre 2 would be great or even a veer. Not too much competition on virgin mobile and its a place where it could grow.

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