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    hi, i tried looking for another thread to answer my question, but i think it's a little bit too specific. sorry for double-post if it is one.

    my Palm Pre screen is hopelessly unresponsive to touch, but im still able to access the camera by using typing "camera" then pushing enter. i can take pictures normally using the spacebar, and an access flash drive mode with orange+sym+U and get my data normally.

    but, is there a way for me to get into camcorder mode? the only way i know of is to tap the icon for it, but obviously i cant do that.

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    Do you still have gesture area access? Gesture+P will give you camcorder, and Gesture+Q will take you back to regular camera.

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    my gesture are dosent work either, but pushing just "P" and "Q" work. thank you

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