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    Having read the reviews and having used the TouchPad myself, I am convinced that HP can make TouchPad a success by making a Touch to Share phone available very soon. While polishing the Touchpad performance is good, that alone will not let HP compete against iPad, but a phone that can share info with a tablet can.

    The key in this battle is in the webOS ecosystem not so much each device on it's own.

    Electric Pig contends the ability to run Flash is not the killer app: the killer app for Touchpad is Touch to Share which means HP needs to get the phone out now:

    HP webOS blueprint for success: how HP can win the tablet wars | Electricpig

    ZDNet agrees:

    TouchPad vs iPad: Three ways HP pips Apple | Mobile Devices | ZDNet UK
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    Tablet has to be compelling on its own merits.

    Then phone is an added feature that a buyer might consider purchasing.

    See Blackberry Playbook for this issue.
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    My TouchPad is very compelling and I can see and agree with much of what was said. For that matter Apple has already done exactly that and established a solid phone pipeline to motivate and move people over to the iPad.

    The quicker HP can get out Touch to Share phones the better off we'll all be! Sorli...
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    i agree w bluenote

    also, touch to share also needs to evolve from what seems like a gimmick into something more useful for it to be some kind of killer feature. i don't see it being used that often in its current iteration. needs to be at least as useful as the bump app on ios.

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