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    It seems that Google has the right ingredients this time with its social networking endeavor. Surely, there will be an app coming but will we see it on 1.4.5 or are they going to release for the new WebOS phones only?
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    I wouldn't count on an official app coming out any time soon, since google hasn't bothered to release any other apps for webos. A third party app is possible, but only once google releases an ape for google+ .

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    Maybe it will be one of those apps where HP has to develop its own solution, like with the Facebook app.
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    Anyone got a Google+ invite to spare

    A native webOS app would be very great. Preferably an Enyo app for future proof-ness and Touchpad compatibility.
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    At least the mobile version works ok on the WebOS

    Google+ for mobile

    Send me a PM with your email spud. I can try to get you in..
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    I hope we get native uploading like we do for pics and vids.
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    can I have an invite please ?
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    It's a bit ironic for webOS just when there is a decent FB app (good compared to other systems) and good publicity with the TP FB app, that Google comes with their social network (which IMHO looks pretty good and this time could indeed be considered an alternative to FB).
    I'd like to have Synergy for Google+, the notifications from FB is one of the best things in webOS for me.
    At least the mobile version of Google+ seems to be OK with the browser.
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    I would like to try Google+ 2 if anybody got a spare invite thanks
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    The mobile version looks very shoddy on my Pre-... I don't mind having a phone when people go "What the hell is that?" and I don't even mind the low app count; mainly because this phone can access anything I need via the web. But Google+ mobile on the Pre- is pants!!
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    I think I can invite people, please PM me your email address and I'll get it to you as soon as I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xberserker View Post
    At least the mobile version works ok on the WebOS

    Google+ for mobile

    Send me a PM with your email spud. I can try to get you in..
    got to love how webos isnt even in the chart for supported devices...
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    I have invites if anyone wants.

    Send me a PM with your email.

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