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    I bought a Pre- in Germany and my app store was always set to Euro's. Fine. Then I bought a Pre2 and I created a new Palm Profile and activated it in Texas. There should have been no reminents to my old Pre-. So everything was fine and I was finally able to buy apps in $. Then one random day, my app store now lists everything in Euro's again. Logging into my profile, it says my language is English. What freakin gives!!!
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    They found you, and they didn't like that you lied to them. :P

    The important thing is, did it add any app catalog restrictions? If all it did was change dollars to euros, then you have nothing to worry about (for now, anyway).
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    Welcome to the club:

    If you do a Full Erase and create a new profile with US settings, your dollars will come back.

    Ps: you're special
    If I create a new profile, don't I lose all my apps that I already purchased (when it was in dollars)? I can restore my data but I don't know how to restore apps.

    btw, Euro's suck. a 1$ app = 1euro app = sucktivity. That means everything costs 50% more.

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