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    (I dont know if somebody came whith this first) Wouldnt it be a good idea to pinch to zoom on a stack of cards so that you can see (better) the cards stacked and what they are doing? Like, when you pinch it, it "separetes" them and you can choose more accurately the one you want. (Excuse my english, not my first lenguage). I think it could be pretty usefull when having lots of cards (5 ?) stacked together.
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    Interesting and I think you are one else has thought of it.

    I'd also like to switch to card view and then have the option to have two apps open side by having two displays on a desktop with a website on the left and email message on the right. Hopefully HP is still thinking outside the box! Sorli...
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    Maybe this isnt the best example to show what I mean (and a lot of people here arent going to like it ha), but here it is, it is as close as to what I imagine it. When you pinch it you get a little animation and shows the cards, and when you choose the one you want returns to stack form and opens the card. I dont know -_-.

    Damn it, cant post links.

    Search Youtube: iPad in-Depth - Photos

    (I think is the first one)

    Skip to 1:00 in the vid.
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