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    I really want to update my Pre minus and can not even get past step one on WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals. I went to Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internalsand am trying to install MetaDoctor for windows. I have Windows 7 with 64bit.

    I downloaded Ubuntu but can not find the Ubuntu Desktop Edition on the file. I went ahead and burn the files to a CD and couldn't get it to run.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Did you follow the steps on the Ubuntu install page? Maybe you are getting stuck on step 2? If you copy the iso file to the CD it will not work; you need to make sure you "burn disc image".

    Once you get the CD to run, you should install it in windows and dual is a really nice setup. Also, make sure you are on a wired connection during installation so Ubuntu can get the latest drivers and stuff. Good luck!
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    I got it installed but am now stuck on Step 3: Run device-specific MetaDoctor script. I have no idea how to open the meta-doctor directory or run the meta-script. I may be a lost cause and stuck on 1.4.5
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