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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    If the meta-doctored version works fine, what difference would an official one make? Are there bugs in the unofficial update or something?
    The build has alot of bugs making system "hiccup" here and there.
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    Nope. I have no need for a tablet, so, they still haven't "made things right" for me.

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    once i play with it, i'll probably sell my $1000 HP TM2 touch screen laptop, go to a lighter laptop and mainly use the touchpad for what i need.

    so win.

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    i got it with amazon, and signed up for their cc.. got an additional 40 bux off. so 90 off for the 32 gig =D. plus about 50 bux in taxes i saved, thats around 140 dollars~!! good chunk of change in my opinion.
    prior to this offer i was gonna walk in and buy a 16 gig from a store on the first. that was going to cost me about 540, now i got a 32 gig for 510 -=D. good deal in my eyes!!

    crossing my fingers hoping it gets shipped thursday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    Nobody has been able to convince me I have any need for a pad device so no, I'm not buying one. It sounds like one of those Christmas gifts you really want and then when you get it you never use it and it fades away. I think the majority of us early adopters just wanted a rebate on a new PHONE! What the H-E-double hockey sticks is HP thinking? Seriously....making it right....I think not!
    You read my mind. No one has made a convincing argument as to why I should get a pad... any pad, not just the touchpad. I can consume information just fine on the desktop/laptop/smartphone combo that I already have, why do I need a tablet?
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    how is this "making things right"?? HPalm didn't keep their promise with regard to software updates for their phones. how does a discount on a Touchpad equal making things right?

    yes, its true that no matter what they do, they can't satisfy eveyone. but the least they could've done was make it a $50 rebate on the webOS device of our choice.

    now it's like i have to spend $550 just to have things made right. what a joke. a $50 credit in the app catalogue would have been a more satisfying deal. This seems more like an attempt to increase those first month sales numbers than anything else. especially since this offer is only good until July30th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theclares View Post
    I was already planning on the 32 GB, so this is a win for me. There is nothing that says that HP won't offer something additional for Legacy users, such as a similar discount off the Pre3, so let's not get too indignant about that. If they aren't going to be offering the Pre3 on Sprint (and all indications are they will not, at least not right away), then this is a fair deal rewarding ONLY those of us who were among the first adopters and who still supposedly remain dedicated and loyal to the OS, whatever form factor it may take.
    On the other hand, there's is nothing saying they will offer something additional.

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