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    Okay this is a thread I'm starting to THANK HP for actually delivering on a promise! Please do not post negative thoughts or opinions about what you feel you should have been entitled to here, there are other threads for that topic. It is rare these days for a company who purchased another company to care enough about those customers to eat some of their own profit to show some respect to those people and I wanted to thank you for doing business this way. I can assure you that you will have my business in the future! Thanks

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    I agree. I'm glad they didn't just shrug this one under the rug.

    (although they could have given us a bit more )

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    Thankyou HP, my TouchPad is now $549.00!
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    I will definitely get the 32 gb touchpad now!
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    Agree, Thanx ! Despite them having said they were gonna make it right. It really wasn't their obligation to do it, its business, products come, products go and people have to move on to the next thing. I am all ready for my day 1 Best Buy Touchpad, waiting for the call (who knows, maybe early! )
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    I was planning on getting the 16gb, but with this discount, I will definitely be getting the 32. Thanks HP!
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    Buying the 32 on Friday at noon. HELL YES.
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    Thank you HP! I love my 32 GB TouchPad and the extra 50 dollars in apps was super generous thank you again, I will always support you in future WebOs endeavors!
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