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    I've been moving my icons around trying to organize them the best I can since I don't have 4x5 icons no more with 2.1 pre2.

    I find it really slow and painfully annoying to move an icon from one page to the other say 5 pages long. It takes forever.

    My wife just got an iphone3gs and when i was playing with her's it's really quick to move icons around cause it stays in a customization mode or something with the icon just wiggle.

    Is there any tricks i should know to make this more pleasant to do.?
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    Someone will have to verify this, because I'm on a 1.4.5 device, but the advanced launcher patch has a function to hold the 'square', tap the icon, and specify the page you want to move it to. My guess is that patch doesn't work at all with 2+ devices and that's probably why you're posting, so sorry if I am just stating the obvious.

    I would hope the hold-tap function is at least available, or possible. Although the custom menus, icon gridding, etc. obviously wouldn't be.

    All that said, does anyone think HP will ever allow customization of the icon grid size ever again? That's a huge reason I've stuck with 1.4.5, despite plussing my Pre.
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    I just got my Pre 2 last weekend and had the same problem. I found that as you tap-hold to move the icon toward the next page, if you do a zig zag motion up and down over the next page, it seems to move faster toward the following page. Might help a bit.
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    The easiest way, IMO, is to install the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch (there's a thread about it here in the forums), which will allow you to name/jump between pages, as well as gesture-click an icon and picking the page to move it to.
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    No ACAL on 2.1 guys.

    OP: If you're making a mass transfer of lots of icons from one page to another page 5 pages away you could reorder the pages so as not to have to drag as far and then rereorder them later? 2.1 doesn't leave a lot of options in this regard. :/
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    Psychonaut beat me to my recommendation. Of course it applies to webOS 2.x only.
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    I think palm should make it when you download an app it will ask you which page you want it to go to.

    Thanks Guys for the help

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