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    Hi, folk. You all right?

    I need to send my mails to Yahoo Groups list, but my groups don't accept e-mails in Html format.

    Somebody knows if there is some config or patch to I send my e-mails in text format?

    Thanks for any suggest.

    Best Regards...
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    Sadly, no.

    I've been waiting for a patch like that for a good year and a half (or, better yet, for Palm/HP to add some actual configuration options to the embarrassingly kindergartenish webOS email app) and no such luck. It's a shame, because email is probably going to end up being the dealbreaker for me re: coming back from Android to webOS. I would love to get me a Pre 3 and return to the world of real multitasking and portrait sliders, but after experiencing the amazing K9 Mail app on Android, I just can't go back to that painfully slow and unconfigurable hunk of junk that ships with webOS.
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    I've been trying a Pixi Plus running 1.4.5. The email leaves much to be desired. Has the standard email app been improved in webOS 2.0 or later? Is there a third-party email app out there? I get nowhere trying to answer these questions when I search the catalog on the device or the forums and databases here on PreCentral.
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    It doesn't seem to have been improved in any meaningful way, no. I'm basing this on having played with a Veer at an AT&T store a few days ago. My heart kinda sank when I opened the email app because I knew that I probably wouldn't be able to go back to webOS. Still slow, still no configuration options, still apparently no way to send mail in plain text with a ">" symbol for a quote delimiter. And if there's a way to set "push" (IMAP IDLE) notification options per server-side folder, rather than just per account, I didn't find it. There are no third-party email client alternatives that I know of.

    Ah well, I'm used to Android by now.
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    Brief mention of a technical reason why there are no third-party email clients. /distribution/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7546
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    hmmm I was looking into this, I'm subscribed to some only-text email groups and its becoming an issue.....

    any ideas on what to do?

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